NCSAB is Eligible for Veterans’ Benefits

The North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork is
approved to receive ALL FORMS of
Veterans Benefits for those who qualify.

NCSAB is eligible to accept Veterans Benefits – ( V.A. ) for those who qualify and it will cover all costs.  You will be required to provide official transcripts for all post-secondary education, ever.  Once transcripts are received and evaluated, you can be certified for funds.

Please enroll 30 days before class begins for this process.

Flexible Payment Options: Total Tuition, Books/Supplies: $9000

1. Payment in full … before 1st day of class, $9000. 

2. Half / Half … Payment of half-tuition ($4,500.00) before class begins and the other half ($4,500.00) in 3 months. Save the 8% flat finance charge on an installment plan.

3. Monthly Installment Plans … include an 8% flat finance charge of the remaining balance after the down payment ($1500 minimum).

Full Time (24 weeks) or Part-Time (48 weeks),
Day or Evening Classes Available

Attend our quarterly Career Fairs open to Students and
Massage & Bodywork Therapists.
Meet Local Employers that will hold your skillset in high demand 

DAY CLASS: 12 pm – 1 pm and again for EVE CLASS 5:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Always on a THURSDAY:
Aug 10, 2023 – Nov 9, 2023

For A Comprehensive Description on What You Will Learn,
and What YOU Can Do with that Education,
Please Check Out Our Homepage